H.C. Drew Center

for Business & Economic Analysis

Welcome to the H.C. Drew Center for Business and Economic Analysis (Drew CBEA). We are a new entity within McNeese State University partnered with the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance.

The website is still being constructed and you'll notice that new data sets will continue to be posted in the future. We look forward to providing you high quality economic analysis and data related to the Southwest Louisiana economy.

All current data is available for download and is shown in graphs under "Latest Data Collections". All graphs are interactive and series can be eliminated simply by clicking the name of the series in the legend.

Under "Latest Analysis Reports" are links to updates on news and analysis on economic events occurring in the area as well as all of our publicly available quarterly reports. We have also added our Southwest Louisiana Economic Intel Podcast.

If you have any questions, requests, comments, etc., feel free to contact us and follow us on social media.

Also, please subscribe using the link below for future releases from the Drew CBEA.

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Phone: 337-475-5560

Email: drewecon@mcneese.edu

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